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A Closer Look at Pricing Across the EVgo Network: Transitioning to kWh

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By Dek Sayeh, Senior Manager, Program Management
Feb 21, 2023

At EVgo, we’re growing one of the nation’s largest public fast charging networks to meet the increasing demand for charging on the go as more EVs hit the road. A key part of network growth involves expanding pricing options to serve a variety of drivers and increase customer choice.  

In 2021, EVgo debuted kilowatt-hour (kWh) pricing in California and launched the first statewide time of use (TOU) pricing pilot in the industry to promote grid benefits and allow customers to take advantage of lower charging rates during Early Bird and Off-Peak hours. In addition to kWh pricing and TOU, the California pilot introduced location-based pricing to incorporate attributes like environmental and social justice considerations (based on California’s CalEnviroScreen), traffic congestion, and other market dynamics. 

Based on customer feedback and insights from the initial kWh pilot, EVgo transitioned additional states to kWh in the fall of 2022 and again in January 2023. All states with kWh pricing include a TOU component, so customers can take advantage of lower pricing depending on the time of day they choose to charge. Fast forward to today, and EVgo customers in 20 states – two thirds of our network – may now take advantage of kWh pricing, meaning EV drivers pay for charging based on the amount of electricity consumed and not the time spent at the charger. This transition involved managing software and hardware updates across our distributed network and optimizing the user experience for sharing pricing information. 

EVgo now offers kWh pricing in 20 states across the U.S.

EVgo TOU Map

States with kWh pricing
Arizona North Carolina
California Ohio
Connecticut Oregon
Colorado Pennsylvania
Florida Rhode Island
Indiana South Carolina
Massachusetts Texas
Maine Utah
Michigan Vermont
New Jersey Washington

The kWh pricing expansion also maintains a TOU component, meaning drivers can take advantage of lower pricing depending on when they plug in throughout the day. TOU windows vary by state, and drivers can find their specific TOU info on our website.  

EVgo TOU pricing chart example

 An illustrative example of TOU windows through the day is shown above. TOU windows on the EVgo network vary by state. 

EVgo is evaluating its kWh expansion to more possible states, where legally permissible, throughout 2023. If your state’s regulatory environment allows kWh pricing and is not among the 20 states where we currently offer kWh pricing, stay tuned for additional updates later this year. 

Where can I find pricing information? 

Real-time pricing information is available in multiple places, including the EVgo mobile app and PlugShare, so drivers can understand our rates ahead of time or view pricing on the charger screens once they arrive at a station. Rates also vary by plan, and drivers can access the lowest prices by signing up for one of EVgo’s subscription plans. To find the best EVgo plan for you, check out our Plan Finder and answer a few questions to get matched with a plan that fits your charging needs. 

EVgo is committed to not only growing a nationwide network but also providing customers with a first-class charging experience. Drivers with an EVgo account can earn points toward charging credit through EVgo Rewards™ and take advantage of other benefits like charger reservations. If you haven’t joined the network yet, sign up today and charge forward with us! 

If you want to learn more about the factors that EVgo considers as it develops pricing, visit this blog.