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6 Super-Powered Electric Pickup Trucks Towing the Line

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Dec 18, 2020

Author: Ivo Steklac, Chief Operating and Chief Technology Officer at EVgo

It’s hard to believe it’s been 12 years since Tesla introduced their Roadster, and 10 years since the launch of the mighty Nissan LEAF, the world’s first mass-market electric vehicle. Over the last decade, manufacturers including GM, Ford, Audi, BMW, VW, and Volvo have joined the electric revolution, providing enticing options for environmentally conscious drivers. In fact, current forecasts estimate that an additional 2.6 million EV’s will be on the road by 2025 and that a full half of all cars on the road will be electric by 2040.

America’s beloved pickup trucks remain the final electric frontier. As the third largest auto segment in the US, three million pickups were sold in the US in 2019. Comprising such a hefty segment of the US auto market, it is imperative that truck manufacturers begin to offer electric options – and they are! Read on for an update on some of the electric trucks drivers can expect to choose from over the next few years:

Rivian R1T

Available mid-year 2021, the Rivian R1T may be the first electric pickup truck to hit the US market. The ev truck will launch with a 300+ mile range and a price tag of $75K, with 400+ and 250+ range options available in 2022. Offering up to 800+ hp, 829 ft-lb of torque, and a towing capacity of 11,000 lbs., the R1T goes from 0-60 mph in three seconds and also features tank turn capability, which essentially enables the truck to turn a full 360 degrees in place.

GMC Hummer EV Pickup Truck

Available at the end of next year, the GMC Hummer EV pickup truck will utilize GM’s Ultium batteries and powertrain to provide 1,000 hp, 11,500 ft-lb of torque, a 350-mile range, and goes 0-60 mph in three seconds. Other features include CrabWalk, or sideways or diagonal driving capability, a removable roof, and semi-autonomous driving. Pricing is expected to start at $80K.

EVgo asked our social media followers to weigh on what electric trucks they are most excited about and the Ford F-150 received a number of comments!

hummer electric vehicle

All-Electric F-150

The Ford F series is currently the best-selling light truck in the US, so it’s a big deal that Ford will be offering their electric version of the pickup – the All-Electric F-150 – for sale as early as mid-2022. Capable of towing a freight train if you happen to need one towed, Ford claims that the All-Electric F-150 will be the most powerful F-150 to date. The E F-150 will feature a 190kWh battery pack with an impressive 300+ mile range at an expected price tag of about $50K.

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Chevy EV Truck

GM has provided a few sneak peeks into a powerful future Chevy EV Truck. This electric truck will come in 50kWh and 200kWh options with a range of 400 miles and a body style similar to the Silverado and an expected cost somewhere between $50-70K.

general motors electric vehicle

Bollinger B2

The Bollinger B2 goes into production in 2021. Suitable for off-road driving as well as everyday errands, the B2 electric pickup truck features a 120-kWh battery, a 200-mile range, 614 hp and 688 lb.-ft of torque, powering a 7,500 lb. towing capacity for an anticipated cost of $125K.

Bollinger B2

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla’s radical vision for an electric truck – which they have named the Cybertruck– is expected to begin production in 2022. Claiming “better utility than a truck with more performance than a sports car”, Cybertruck versions will offer a ranges of 250-500 miles, 100 cubic feet of external, lockable storage, 7,500 lbs. of towing capacity, and a starting price tag of $40K.

tesla cybertruck

EVgo is preparing for these great new electric vehicles by designing and building charging stations: with higher power to ensure these larger batteries are filled as fast as the ev trucks allow; wherever possible providing a bit more space for these larger vehicles; and ensuring charging cable lengths also accommodate the larger vehicle size. EVgo also participated in Bloomberg’s recent round-up from Bloomberg and discussed how we are preparing the network for the boom in electric trucks!