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EVgo Advantage™

Bring EV Charging Customers into Your Business

Increase Revenue by Attracting EV Drivers with Special Offers

Drive EVgo charging customers from the parking lot into your business with EVgo Advantage™! Our proprietary technology delivers on-the-spot promotions from local businesses, like yours, to EV drivers when they plug-in and start charging. Reach beyond the prospective EV charging customers in the parking lot with additional email marketing opportunities to EVgo’s 981,000+ customer accounts. See how EVgo Advantage™ can drive incremental traffic to your business.

Why EVgo Advantage™?

34% of drivers click to learn about a promotion

8 out of 10 EV drivers shop or eat while they charge

Average duration of a charging session is 33 minutes

Customer average spend per session is $42

Source 1: Internal EVgo Advantage data from 2021-2022
Source 2: Based on a 2022 customer survey EVgo conducted at 300+ sites nationwide

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EVgo Advantage™ - What is it?

Proprietary holistic and omni-channel solution that allows you to tap into our customer base (across EVgo and PlugShare) to drive more engagement, increase sales and generate customer loyalty.



Push Notifications




How it Works

Start Charging Session

EVgo divers start a charging session

Receive Offers

They immediately receive an SMS message with a link to a coupon or more offers via the app.

Additional Incentives

Additional messaging and incentives encourage more shopping while they charge.

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