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EVgo Partners with GM Personal Mobility Brand, Maven, to Offer Free DC Fast Charging Services

Maven and Lyft Express Drive Program Customers Receive Premium EV Charging Experience Throughout California

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Feb 23, 2017

Los Angeles – February 22, 2017 – EVgo, the nation’s largest network of public electric vehicle (EV) fast charging stations, today announced that it has partnered with Maven, General Motors’ personal mobility brand, to offer no cost fast charging services to its car-sharing customers driving the Chevrolet Bolt EV. The introduction of GM’s latest electric vehicle to the Maven fleet is rolling out in Los Angeles, and was celebrated at an event with officials from EVgo, Maven and the city of Los Angeles last week.

Additionally, California-based Lyft Express Drive program users will also benefit from free charging of the Bolt EV at EVgo charging stations throughout the state. As an added benefit, EVgo is extending its 30-minute charge time limit to 60 minutes for Bolt EV drivers to allow enough time for the vehicle’s robust battery pack to receive a nearly full charge. Maven has plans to offer the Bolt EV in San Diego and San Francisco in the near future as well.

“We are at the forefront of a new era in shared mobility and electric vehicle adoption, and EVgo is proud to be working with Maven and the Lyft Express Drive program to make recharging at our DC Fast stations a breeze,” said Terry O’Day, Vice President, Product Strategy and Market Development at EVgo. “We are lifting our 30-minute charge limit in California for Bolt EV drivers to ensure that Maven and Lyft Express Drive members are able to top off their vehicles with charge whenever they need.”

EVgo currently operates the largest public DC Fast charging network in the country, operating over 800 fast chargers in 66 of the top-selling automotive markets in the US, and supports all current charging standards. By owning and operating its charging stations, EVgo provides exemplary service and offers a variety of flexible charging plans for drivers including pay-as-you-go, low-cost membership charging plans and unlimited charging plans for customers of partner OEMs, including BMW, Nissan and Ford.