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EVgo Fleet Charging Solutions

As more OEMs offer electric fleet options, EVgo is here to provide charging solutions.

Adaptable Solutions to Meet Your Needs

With more than a decade of experience, EVgo understands the unique charging requirements of electric light-, medium-, and heavy-duty fleets. We work with you to customize solutions that maximize operational performance and future-proof your electrification plans as you scale.

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Turnkey Solutions

EVgo Fleet Depot Charging Solutions

Fleet Depot Solutions

Turnkey solutions for mission-critical fleet operations

Dedicated Charging Hubs

Dedicated turnkey sites to charge your fleet vehicles "beyond the depot"

EVgo x Uber Fast Charging

Public Network

Expand your fleet's range by leveraging EVgo's public charging network of 850+ fast charging locations

Fleet customer reading software analytics on a tablet while charging her fleet vehicle at an EVgo fast charger
EVgo Fast Charging NetworkEVgo Fast Charging Network

Introducing EVgo Optima™

Smart charging software for your fleet. Optimize your fleet charging in real-time, accounting for vehicle and charger specifications, vehicle routes and schedules, electricity costs, and grid and site-specific power constraints.

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EVgo Offers

Transition Planning

Optimized transition plan, total cost of ownership, and incentives support

Charger Equipment Provisioning

Hardware mix to meet fleet needs: L2, 50 kW - 350 kW DCFC

Infrastructure Deployment

Design, engineering, permitting, utility coordination, construction, installation, and commissioning

EVgold™ and O&M

SLA-based uptime guarantee, monitoring, operations, maintenance, and 24/7 customer support

EVgo Optima™ Software & Networking

Charger & vehicle management and smart charging

Systems Integrations

Telematics, fleet, and other third party systems integrations

Our Partners

EVgo is proud to partner with industry leaders accelerating the deployment of electric vehicles.

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How to Succeed with Fleet Electrification

The EV sector is at a tipping point. Millions of fleet vehicles will go electric in the coming years, requiring charging infrastructure that supports the essential services fleet vehicles provide. EVgo is here to help.

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Flexible Ownership Models to Meet Your Financial Objectives

Flexible ownership model

Ready to Electrify?

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EVgo and MHX, LLC Partner to Power Class 8 Electric Truck Fleet

EVgo and MHX, LLC Partner to Power Class 8 Electric Truck Fleet

LOS ANGELES – October 27, 2022 -- EVgo Inc. (NASDAQ: EVGO) (EVgo), a leader in fleet electrification and owner and operator of the nation’s largest public fast charging network for electric vehicles (EVs), today announced a partnership with MHX, LLC, a full-service logistics operator in California, providing a unique transload and transportation service which partners in moving product via truck, rail, or ocean vessel, to support MHX’s first-ever fleet electrification project.

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Leading the Charge: 3 Ways to Succeed with Fleet Electrification

Leading the Charge: 3 Ways to Succeed with Fleet Electrification

The case for electrification is clear. Total cost of ownership is lower for electric vehicles than internal combustion engines (ICE), and that’s even before factoring in grants, rebates, and other incentives. Plus, it’s the right thing to do environmentally, especially as customers, investors, and employees alike demand greater sustainability commitments. It’s a better, cleaner, quieter ride, which makes for even happier drivers.

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