How EVgo Is Supporting Our Customers and Communities During the COVID-19 Crisis

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May 29, 2020

Since March, EVgo has been proud to support hundreds of EV drivers providing essential services in health care, pharmacies, groceries, food delivery, and public service, as well as those impacted by hardships related to COVID-19 through our special COVID Care discount. We know that our customers rely on the EVgo network to power commutes to essential workplaces and to facilitate their essential errands, and we’re committed to delivering the same reliable and convenient fast charging experience to customers across the country.

During these challenging times, we’ve been deeply inspired by how some EVgo customers are finding ways to make a positive impact, like Michelle Hammond, a community activist and former restaurateur, who is giving back to frontline workers in her community of South Pasadena, CA, through a food delivery program.

Michelle is a dynamic single mom and entrepreneur, who has a passion for food and sustainability, as well as a background in production. She was inspired to launch the South Pasadena Homegrown Exchange after a generous customer donated a couple of hundred dollars, with the simple ask that it be put to good use to support the community. Since then, she has leveraged her restaurant contacts to facilitate the purchase and donation of meals from hard-hit local restaurants to frontline workers throughout South Pasadena. This small, tight-knit community is facing a tough road ahead but is banding together to support one another. As Michelle said, “even in this time of isolation, we’ve been pretty lucky to feel bonded and connected.”

Michelle has been driving her VW e-Golf to deliver meals and supplies throughout her local community, powered by EVgo fast charging. We’re proud to support Michelle and this important food delivery program with discounted charging, and we can help you, too.

We encourage you to contact EVgo Customer Support at (877) 494-3833 or send us an email at if you’re an essential worker or otherwise impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Our caring representatives are standing by to help, 24/7.

More than ever, EVgo is here for you.