Wellness Wheels

Recharging Community Healthcare

Non-profit Neighborhood Health Centers (NHCs) across the nation are working diligently to provide patient-centered care, ensuring equal access to vital medical services in under-resourced communities. Imagine having to take three buses to see your doctor. You might make it; you might not. EVgo shares the vision of NHCs everywhere: no one should miss the bus when it comes to medical care.

Through our Wellness Wheels program EVgo is working with NHCs across the nation, donating EVs and charging stations, enabling care and transportation for patients who are unable to make their appointments—while cleaning the air for everyone.

Partners in Wellness

Mission Neighborhood Health Center

MNHC honors Latino community roots with a tradition of providing compassionate, patient-centered care. Advocates for health equity, MNHC delivers high quality services responsive to diverse communities. EVgo is helping their patients get the care they need—on time.

North East Medical Services

One of the largest NHCs in the country, NEMS provides culturally sensitive and comprehensive healthcare services to a variety of patients, a majority of whom are uninsured or low-income residents. EVgo has partnered with NEMS to provide EVs and charging infrastructure to service patients at their Bay Area clinics.

Artists for Humanity

AFH’s mission is to bridge economic, racial, and social divisions by providing under-resourced urban youth with the keys to self-sufficiency through paid employment in art and design. EVgo Wellness Wheels has teamed up with AFH to create many of the program’s unique branding and marketing pieces.

Why Wellness Wheels?

Patient Access

Community Health

Environmental Responsibility

Increased Awareness

Join the Movement

Engage your NHC

Maybe your local Neighborhood Health Center is experiences similar circumstances and could benefit from learning more about our Wellness Wheels program. Spread awareness and let them know about this rEVolutionary program to recharge their healthcare transportation services.

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“Without a doubt, access is one of the biggest issues facing NEMS today. Transportation is a big challenge for our patients, which can cause them to miss appointments and the critical healthcare they need.”

- Johnson Wong, CFO, NEMS, San Francisco