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November 18, 2020

EVgo Customers Peace of Mind, Part 3: Los Angeles and the Valley

Meet EVgo Customer: Nestor Escobar
EVgo Customer: Nestor Escobar

By Joe Gutierrez, Director, Customer Operations

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As EVgo’s Director, Customer Operations, I hear from our customers in a variety of ways, from emails and phone calls to surveys and social posts, but meeting them in person is always a treat. The EVgo team met Nestor Escobar at the National Drive Electric Week Los Angeles show last year. We were especially struck by his enthusiasm for EVgo fast charging so much so that we decided to film his experience as an EV driver commuting through the streets of LA and the San Fernando Valley. Check it out:

I recently checked in with Nestor to ask about his experience driving and fast charging in LA and how EVgo gives him the peace of mind he needs to commute through LA and the valley in an electric vehicle.

Do you really drive 500 miles every week?

Yes! My commute is much further than the average driver – I drive almost 500 miles every week. I drive all over LA – from Whittier to Pacoima – yes, through the valley – I intentionally go to the valley every single day.

And do you experience range anxiety? Are you worried you’ll run out of electricity?

I used to worry, yes! No one wants to be stuck on the streets of LA. But the EVgo network gives me the peace of mind to drive my EV everywhere I need to go. You’ve got great locations – there’s always a station when and where I need one and the app makes it easy to find them – and to see which stations have available chargers, so I don’t have to wait. I have my favorite stations that are close to coffee, snacks, and clean rest rooms so I can make the most of my time!

That’s good to hear. We do have more than 300 EVgo fast charging locations spread across the state so there should be a station everywhere you need one. In fact, more than 80% of Californians live within a 15-minute drive of an EVgo station. Customers can also access our partner stations with their EVgo account, giving them access to any ChargePoint station they come across, as well.

EVgo has more than 300 electric vehicle charging stations in California

So EVgo works for you!

Always. Your chargers are super reliable – they always work when I need them and they fast charge me quickly so I can get back on the road and back to driving my crazy commute.

We’re really proud of our industry-leading 98% uptime. Our goal is to provide the reliable, public, fast charging that EV drivers can count on time and again.

Reliable public fast EV charging

And I do! I charge again and again and again… hahaha.

We’re glad you do!

Join Nestor and more than 200,000 other EVgo drivers who rely on EVgo to give them the peace of mind they need to drive their EVs for business and for pleasure! How does EVgo provide YOU with peace of mind? Email me at JustAskJoe@EVgo.com and let me know – I’d love to get to know you better, too.


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